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Er-go! System 24.5cm Square Plate White

Er-go! System 24.5cm Square Plate White

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Er-go! System 24.5cm Square Salad Plate White

You’ve got all the meat you need, that spicy barbecue sauce everyone loves so much - whose recipe you never intend to reveal to anyone else - the ice cream and the drinks. But what else could you possibly add to your barbecue to make it the highlight of everyone’s summer? The answer is simple, a delicious, cool, fresh salad. And to get your guests to feel as though you’re serving them sunshine in a plate, there is no better tableware for the occasion than our Er-go! System 24.5cm Square Salad Plate (White).

Featuring a style inspired by our food artists and designed by renowned ceramics and tableware expert, Simon Stevens, this plate is the ideal choice for displaying fresh, delectable salads in all their glory.

It is also perfect for entertaining since it is really robust and can be used in a freezer, oven and microwave.

Because we know entertaining often means loads of washing up, we have also ensured it is also suitable for your dishwasher too. That means you get a chance to relax, after being the perfect host.And it can be all yours in just a few clicks. Make the Er-go System Square Salad Plate White part of your tableware collection today and get to pamper your guests in style by serving them sunshine on a plate.