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Er-go! System 28cm Oval Plate White

Er-go! System 28cm Oval Plate White

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Er-go! System 28cm Oval Plate White

Delicious food comes with a magic that is all its own. But you already knew that. Which is why a hearty whiff of our favourite dish works wonders in banishing the mishaps of the day to oblivion.Especially when served with your favourite tableware which is what the Er-go! System 28cm Oval Plate (White) will certainly become once you’ve gotten the opportunity to discover just how amazing it is.

Brought to you by our head of design, Simon Stevens, the Er-go! System Oval Plate (White) features the bold modern style which is the hallmark of the Er-go! System collection which was created to provide everyone with several options when serving the food they enjoy.

Impressively durable in comparison to standard tableware, this tableware item is highly resistant to heat and shock making it suitable for use in a freezer or microwave and providing you with loads of flexibility when it comes to your preferred method of serving your food.

It can also be used in your dishwasher making washing up after a meal really convenient for you.

And you can be certain that it will continue to look amazing even when used frequently due to the fact that it is also resistant to staining and chipping which often detract from the quality of porcelain.Treat yourself to the Er-go! System 28cm Oval Plate White and get to experience the incredible magic only amazing food can provide.