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Loveramics Flutter Charger 31cm

Loveramics Flutter Charger 31cm

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Flutter Charger 31cm

Do it with style. That’s right, once you have served a dish you are really proud of, ensuring it remains as enjoyable as possible for the duration of the meal and that clearing up is just as convenient too, becomes really important.

Because we at Loveramics believe in anticipating all your needs where tableware is concerned, we have exactly what you need. Thanks to the Flutter 31cm Charger which will not only add a hint of additional charm to your table but will also prevent heat loss from dishes placed on it ensuring they remain warmer for longer while also preventing any excessive spills from getting all over the table.

And because it has been made from the same high quality porcelain as the rest of the collection it can be placed in the dishwasher afterwards.So there it is, a stylish under plate which will not only add its own special touch to the occasion but also ensure the meal remains enjoyable.

And it can be yours today. All you have to do is select the purchase option to experience its magic. Do so right away and add the amazing Flutter 31cm Charger to your tableware collection. You will be glad you did.