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Loveramics Flutter Dinner Set 12-Piece

Loveramics Flutter Dinner Set 12-Piece

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Flutter 12-Piece Dinner Set

There is only one way to serve an expertly whipped spread: in a dinner set which combines classic elegance, exquisite style and delightful functionality.And because we at Loveramics know all about presenting food the way it deserves to be, you can be certain we have just what you need.Brought to you by renowned artist and ceramics expert Peter Ting, our Flutter 12-Piece Dinner Set is the ideal choice for enthralling your guests and is perfect for use in both a domestic and restaurant setting.

That is because in addition to the exquisite Chinese Hua Niao paintings of hummingbirds and flowers which enhance its classic elegance, it is also quite robust in spite of its delicate appearance and can be used in your microwave, freezer or dishwasher. Its durability also makes it suitable for frequent use since it is also resistant to staining, chipping or cracking which often result in chinaware having to be replaced.

We are also especially proud of being able to present you with a charming tableware set produced to the highest standards while also implementing environmentally friendly procedures in order to minimize waste.

Purchase the Flutter 12-Piece Dinner and get to thrill your guests, friends and family with delectable food, presented beautifully.