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Loveramics Flutter Set of 4 Rice Bowl

Loveramics Flutter Set of 4 Rice Bowl

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Flutter Set of 4 12 x 6.50cmH Rice Bowl

There aren’t that many dishes which can take you all around the world from the comfort of your kitchen. And that is just one reason among many why rice is so amazing.

Especially since it can be found in all its palatable forms in virtually every location from Italy’s especially rich Risotto alla Milanese, to Korea’s light, tasty Bibimbap, not to leave out the delectable joys of Louisiana’s Jambalaya.

And there is so much more to explore and enjoy. And no better way to do it than with our very own Flutter Set of 4 12 x 6.50cmH Rice Bowls. Featuring delicate Chinese art against a white background, these bowls have been made from high quality porcelain we have created ourselves and fired at high temperatures.

You can also be certain that they will continue to maintain their delicate allure even when used frequently due to their exceptional resistance to heat and shock as a result of the manufacturing process.

They are also perfectly suitable for use in the modern kitchen and can be placed in your freezer, dishwasher and microwave.We think it sounds amazing and hope you do too.And they are only a few clicks away from becoming a part of your tableware collection.