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Er-go! System Plate White 31cm

Er-go! System Plate White 31cm

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Er-go! System 31cm Fish & Chip Plate White

What is the world’s tastiest comfort food? The response is one the world’s gourmands will forever remain divided on. But in terms of heart-warming satisfaction and sheer overwhelming deliciousness, there is one comfort food which certainly deserves a place close to the top of the list: Fish and Chips.

And because we at Loveramics believe in giving food the royal treatment, we have come up with the perfect tableware for one of the worlds most loved snacks: the Er-go! System 31cm Fish & Chip Plate (White).Inspired by our food artists and designed by none other than Simon Stevens, a leading tableware expert, this plate comes in the same pristine white and bold, contemporary style which are the hallmarks of the collection.

It is also perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle like all our tableware and can be used in your microwave and freezer.It can also be used in your dishwasher ensuring you don’t end such an enjoyable interlude doing the dishes.

And best of all, it can become yours in just a few clicks. Purchase the Er-go! System 31cm Fish & Chip Plate (White) right away and get to enjoy the royal treatment each time you tuck into one of tastiest snacks ever.