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Prep+ Porcelain Garlic Pot

Prep+ Porcelain Garlic Pot

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There are certain herbs which belong in every well stocked kitchen but perhaps none is more deserving of being given pride of place than the one herb which has tantalized taste buds all over the globe for centuries and is responsible for several delicacies that continue to delight us today. Imagine a world without the joys of delicious garlic bread, smooth aioli or delectable sopa de ajo. Or without the enchanting fresh little garlic bulbs required to make them and other delights which are too numerous to count.

If you are like us and firmly believe in your right to enjoy all these delicacies and more, you will love our Loveramics Prep+ Garlic Pot which will ensure your bulbs are protected from excessive moisture and light, remaining fresh and lasting longer as a result.

And like all our porcelain products this garlic container has been made from our special in house porcelain, covered with real coloured glaze and fired at temperatures exceeding the minimum requirement.

As a result, it is exceptionally more durable than standard kitchenware. It is also resistant to chipping, scratching and is also dishwasher safe. But best of all it is only a few clicks away. Purchase the Loveramics Prep+ Garlic Pot right away and get to treat yourself to all the delicacies that come with it too.