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Prep+ Porcelain Juicer

Prep+ Porcelain Juicer

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There are few delights as delectable as a freshly squeezed glass of juice. Whether you wish to unlock the magic in your morning so you’re prepared to handle whatever lies ahead or the magic in your recipe to give your friends a special treat to enjoy, you can be certain that the Loveramics Prep+ Juicer is exactly what you need. Part of our innovative Prep+ collection created for both professionals and home users alike, this juicer comes in a glossy cream coloured porcelain which will blend right in with your kitchenware adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your kitchen at the same time.

And just like every other product in the collection, it has been created by skilled artisans using time honoured techniques and high quality porcelain we have made ourselves.That means you can expect this kitchen essential to be significantly more robust in comparison to standard kitchenware and is capable of maintaining its gleaming allure even when used frequently.

The Loveramics Prep+ Juicer is also resistant to heat and shock making it perfectly suitable for the modern kitchen and for use in your dishwasher.We are also particularly proud of providing you with a product which adheres to set standards of excellence while also supporting our host community with employment and keeping waste to a minimum in order to care for the environment.

And it is just a few clicks away from becoming all yours. Treat yourself to the lovely Loveramics Prep+ Juicer today and add that special touch of magic to your mealtimes at any time of your choosing.