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Prep+ Pestle and Mortar

Prep+ Pestle and Mortar

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Release the fragrance of freshly crushed herbs and spices in your kitchen bringing you closer to nature and making your experience of creating your favourite dish a perfectly enchanting one.

Brought to you in a light natural cream reminiscent of scented magnolias in the warm sunshine, this Loveramics Pestle & Mortar pair features the bold contemporary design which is the hallmark of the award winning Prep+ collection designed by ceramics expert Simon Stevens. And just like all our porcelain products this pair which is a must have for everyone who loves to savour freshly released flavours in their food has been created by skilled artisans using high quality, commercial grade porcelain.

And because it has been heated at high temperatures, the Loveramics Prep+ Pestle & Mortar pair comes with the required robustness and durability making it extra easy to prepare your dishes of choice.

Both items have also been covered with real glaze ensuring they are resistant to stains and will not absorb the flavours of your condiments making them suitable for preparing any ingredient of your choosing.

In addition to the above qualities the Loveramics Prep+ Pestle & Mortar pair is also dishwasher safe ensuring you can wash up right after it has been used.Make this amazing kitchenware pair a part of your collection today and get to experience dishes bursting with fragrance and flavour like never before.