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Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 750ml

Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 750ml

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When it comes to creating the most delightful salads, dressings and sauces few things are important as timing and quantity to ensure they turn out just the way you had in mind – delectable and flavoursome. And thanks to our Loveramics Prep+ Large Drizzler 750ml, you too can get that all important combination right every time, adding just the right amount of olive oil or vinegar just when you are meant to, which will make all the difference.

As part of our award winning Prep+ collection, created for fans of good food all over the world, the Loveramics Prep+ Large Drizzler 750ml has been created from our very own special porcelain. It has also been polished by hand and covered with real glaze. As a result it is perfect for all your oils and varieties of vinegar since it will effectively protect them from heat and light which adversely affect their quality over time.

It is also heat, shock and stain resistant and can also be used in your dishwasher making it perfect for use in the modern kitchen.We at Loveramics are also quite proud of providing you with a product which adheres to set standards of excellence while also supporting our host community with employment and keeping waste to a minimum in order to take care of the environment.

Make the Loveramics Prep+ Large Drizzler 750ml part of your kitchenware collection right away and get to create dishes which turn out just the way you want them to.