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Prep+ Porcelain Grater

Prep+ Porcelain Grater

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Loveramics Prep+ Grater

Few things make cooking more enjoyable than those amazing kitchen essentials which make preparation a breeze. Especially when they add a lovely touch of brightness to your kitchen. Like the Loveramics Prep+ Grater brought to you in a smooth contemporary design in cream coloured porcelain.As part of our award winning Prep+ collection, this kitchen essential features the effortless combination of aesthetics and functionality that is the hallmark of the brand brought to you by none other than ceramics and lifestyle product expert Simon Stevens who is also our head of design.

That means that you can expect a product that will be perfectly easy to handle and is therefore safe and convenient to use thanks to its unique design. And just as importantly it is also durable and light due to the fact that it has been made from high quality porcelain which has been fired at temperatures exceeding the standard requirement.

What’s more there’s no need to worry about stains or lingering flavours or even any scratches since we cover all our products with real coloured glaze ensuring they look glossy smooth and brand new for longer.

And because we believe that all our products should be perfectly suitable for use in the modern kitchen, the Loveramics Prep+ Grater can also be used in your dishwasher ensuring that washing up is extra convenient for you.

Purchase this unique and functional grater right away and get to prepare your ingredients with minimal fuss while adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your kitchen at the same time.