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Prep+ Porcelain Salt Pig

Prep+ Porcelain Salt Pig

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We’ve all experienced that valiant struggle with a salt container in the aim of dislodging just the right amount only to end up with far more than we originally bargained for and a dish which is a far cry from our dreams of culinary magic.

Thankfully such mishaps can now be banished to the past where they belong never to surface again. And it’s all thanks to our Loveramics Prep+ Salt Pig which will ensure your salt remains clean, dry and loose making it much more easier to get just the right amount you need.

Brought to you in a smooth gleaming cream coloured porcelain, this kitchen essential features the contemporary elegance which is the hallmark of our Prep+ collection brought to you by renowned ceramics expert Simon Stevens. Created for both professional and home use, the Loveramics Prep+ Salt Pig can either be placed on your dining table for guests during meals or used alternatively in your kitchen while preparing dishes.

And because we believe that all our products should be perfectly convenient to use this product can also be used in your dishwasher.

What’s more it has also been created from our very own porcelain using time honoured techniques by skilled artisans ensuring that it is more durable than standard porcelain tableware.

Treat yourself to the lovely Loveramics Prep+ Salt Pig today and get to enjoy salt the way it is meant to be - in the exact amount you wish to add to your dishes.