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Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser Sand

Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser Sand

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Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser Sand

Get togethers with friends and family are always fun. Especially when you make them feel pampered and special in a way no one else can. Like providing them with their favourite blends brewed just the way they want it. And that’s where we at Loveramics come in. Because we know how amazing it is to be served our favourite beverages prepared just right.

And thanks to the Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser Sand you will be able to do just that for your friends. Part of our Weave collection inspired by the natural beauty of unspoiled Scandinavian landscapes, this mug combines both functionality and aesthetics ensuring you get to create delectable beverages.

As a result it has been created from transparent borosilicate glass, to ensure you can monitor its contents as they brew to achieve a perfect result while the tea cup itself is also especially temperature resistant.

Its porcelain infuser provided in a delicate sandy hue is also key to ensuring each of your guests are able to brew their beverages exactly the way they want to while ensuring they remain free of tea leaves, once the process has been completed.

Make the Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser Sand a part of your tableware collection today and get to create an amazing convivial atmosphere that will have your friends and family coming back for more.