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Weave Teapot with Porcelain Infuser 0.7L

Weave Teapot with Porcelain Infuser 0.7L

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Weave 0.7L Teapot with Porcelain Infuser

The art of brewing the perfect cup of tea was once the exclusive preserve of baristas and tea sommeliers. But now you too can get to create your own fragrant miracle at any time of the day and even get to witness magic in the making.

And it’s all thanks to the Weave 0.7L Teapot (with Porcelain Infuser) which has been specially created to enable you to experience your favourite blends like never before.

Brought to you by the renowned ceramics expert Simon Stevens this incredibly stylish kitchen item will not only add a contemporary touch to your kitchen counter but also make brewing your beverage of choice much more fun.

Created from special borosilicate glass which is capable of withstanding high temperatures, the Loveramics teapot also comes with its very own porcelain infuser. Featuring distinctive decorative perforations, it is perfect for extracting the ideal amount of flavour from loose tea leaves while ensuring your brew remains free of them. And because it has been made from our very own high-quality porcelain, it is also stain resistant and will continue to maintain its gleaming appeal even when used frequently.

And best of all it’s only a few clicks away. Add the Weave Teapot (with Porcelain Infuser) to your kitchenware collection today and get to create your own incredible magic every day.