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Er-go! (Cobalt) 420ml Creamer

Er-go! (Cobalt) 420ml Creamer

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Loveramics Er-go! Creamer Cobalt 420ml

There is no such thing as ‘too much of a good thing. Whether it is fresh, cool, thick cream for your favourite beverages; smooth, molten chocolate sauce for your pancakes or golden brown maple syrup. Which is why few things are more convenient than tableware which is capable of containing as much as you want of your favourite sauces, syrups and creams to make mealtimes simply sublime.

And it is even better when they come in the most beautiful porcelain and in the most vivid colours. Like our Loveramics Er-go! Creamer Cobalt 420ml. With its sleek contemporary style and colour of deep midnight blue making it seem as though it has been carved from a single precious stone, this amazing piece of tableware will make your meal times extra special.

Brought to you by award winning designer and tableware expert Simon Stevens, this awesome creamer has been made using our own special porcelain (which we make in house by ourselves) which has been polished by hand and covered with real glaze. That means that it will never absorb the flavour of its contents so that your sauces will always taste fresh and delicious just like they are meant to.

Because we fire all our porcelain at very high temperatures exceeding the minimum requirement, the Loveramics Er-go! Creamer Cobalt 420ml is perfectly light and balanced to the touch making it extremely convenient to handle.

Purchase the Loveramics Er-go! Creamer Cobalt today and get to enjoy all your favourite creams and sauces in any quantity you desire.