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Er-go! System Plate Oblong White

Er-go! System Plate Oblong White

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Er-go! System 31cm Vegetable Plate White

Colourful, fresh tasty dishes are always an instant hit whenever they are served. After all, few foods are as colourful or come in as much variety or flavour as vegetables. No wonder you can never go wrong with them. And whether you intend to serve them raw or steamed, you can be certain that the Er-go! System 31cm Vegetable Plate (White) will ensure their freshness and colour stand out.

Designed by ceramics expert Simon Stevens and our team of food artists, this plate is part of our Er-go! System collection which has been specially created to add a modern touch to the way food is served.It is also exceptionally durable in comparison to standard tableware. As a result, it can be used in your microwave or freezer making preparation and serving a lot more flexible for you.Washing up right after wards is also really convenient since its incredible durability means it can also be used in your dishwasher.

Because it has been covered with real glaze, the plate is also resistant to staining and may be used frequently as a result.Make the Er-go! System Vegetable Plate White part of your tableware collection right away and get to experience the special delight only fresh vegetables can provide when served with amazing tableware.