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Er-go! (Taupe) 600ml Teapot

Er-go! (Taupe) 600ml Teapot

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Loveramics Er-go! Teapot Taupe 600ml

Add a touch of neutral, soothing pearly elegance to your kitchen with the Loveramics Er-go! Teapot Taupe 600ml. Evocative of the muted beauty of freshwater pearls, this teapot which is a fusion of eastern and western design influences will add a modern, sophisticated touch to your chinaware collection.

Representing quality made to last, this teapot which has been created for tea lovers everywhere is perfect for releasing the flavours in any of your favourite blends ensuring you get to enjoy a brew which is both aromatic and delicious.

And because we believe you should be able to brew your tea to your exact specifications, we have ensured it is microwave, freezer and oven safe. That means you can enjoy heart-warming brews to allay the cold and chilled teas to remain cool on sunny days.

The teapot is also dishwasher safe making it extremely convenient for you to wash up right afterwards.We also believe you should be able to enjoy your favourite brews as much as possible and have ensured it will maintain its smooth, cool grey allure, even when used frequently.

Treat yourself to the lovely Loveramics Er-go! Teapot Taupe 600ml today and get to enjoy your favourite blends in all their glory, just how you love them.