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Loveramics Flutter Soup Bowl 18cm

Loveramics Flutter Soup Bowl 18cm

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Flutter Soup Bowl 18cm

Have you ever wondered why everyone loves soup so much? Could it be because it puts the ‘c’ in comfort food? One thing that is certain is that few things beat a warm bowl of onion soup, served with crusty bread on a rainy evening. Or a soothing creamy vichyssoise on a humid afternoon.

Especially when served in a bowl made just for that very purpose. Like the Flutter Soup Bowl brought to you by none other than Peter Ting, a renowned ceramics and tableware expert. Featuring a silhouette of a hummingbird in alternating light and dark colours against a white backdrop, the bowl has been made from high quality porcelain and is both robust and light as a result.

It is also perfectly suitable for your kitchen and can be used in your freezer and microwave making it really convenient for you to serve your soup according to your preference.

And just like all our porcelain products, it is also suitable for use in your dishwasher saving you the trouble of having to do the washing up afterwards.And that is far from all. This soup bowl is also stackable ensuring it is quite convenient to store while occupying minimal space.Purchase the Flutter Soup Bowl today.