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Prep+ 2 Condiment Pots

Prep+ 2 Condiment Pots

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Condiments make the world go round. What else is capable of transforming a meal or a snack from simply delicious to utterly amazing?

And because good things are meant to come in pairs indulging in two of your favourites at the same time is even more fun! And that’s where we come in with our Loveramics Prep+ Condiment Pots made for lovers of good food all over the globe.

Part of the amazing Prep+ collection designed by leading lifestyle and ceramics expert Simon Stevens, these matching porcelain pots in a smooth glossy cream will fit right in with your place settings simultaneously complementing them too.

And the possibilities are endless. Whether filled with sweet chili oil in which to dip light, crispy spring rolls and smooth velvety hummus for your crunchy, fresh crudités, you can be certain that your mealtimes will be that more special thanks to your favourite dips and sauces to spice things up.What’s more these condiment Pots are also stain resistant and do not retain the flavours of their contents meaning you can use them to serve any condiment of your choosing.

And in spite of their delicate and elegant appearance, they are actually quite robust as a result of being made from high quality porcelain ensuring they will continue to look amazing even when used frequently.

Make the Loveramics Prep+ Condiment Pots part of your kitchenware collection today and get to treat yourself to extra special mealtimes with your favourite condiments.