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Prep+ Glass Pasta Jar Large

Prep+ Glass Pasta Jar Large

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There is only one way to treat kitchen staples. Especially when they provide you with versatile delight capable of providing you with a totally different experience each time. And that is with lots of love.

And because we at Loveramics believe in treating food like royalty, we have created the Loveramics Prep+ Glass Pasta Jar which is suitable for the world famous culinary staple, pasta, in all its glorious varieties.

Whether fettuccine, linguine or bucatini, you can be certain that this delightful jar which also comes with its own tight fitting lid will keep your dried pasta airtight and dry, ensuring it remains fresher for longer and perfect for creating a variety of Italian inspired dishes.

In addition to treating food extra special we also believe you deserve kitchenware which is more than just ordinary. As a result we have ensured that the pasta jar has been made from special heat resistant glass enabling it to withstand the rigors of your dishwasher on a regular basis.

The amazing must have for all lovers of good pasta is only a few clicks away. Add it to your kitchenware collection today and get to look forward to delicious dishes inspired by the one of the world’s favourite culinary staples.