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Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 500ml

Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 500ml

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There are few feelings of accomplishment that can rival artfully drizzling just the right amount of olive oil or vinegar over a perfectly completed dish, especially when you recall your best friend (who also has the nerve to support an opposing sports team) who virtually flooded their entire dish during a similar attempt.

And with the Loveramics Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 500ml, you can be certain that you will get to bask in such glorious moments as often as possible. Part of the award winning Prep+ collection inspired by a desire for to make cooking so much more easier, it is perfect for ensuring that you get the quantities of oil or vinegar in your dishes just right.

And because it has been made from high quality porcelain, it will protect its contents from heat and light ensuring they remain fresher for longer. What’s more, you can also use it for your favourite varieties of vinegar or infused oils since it does not absorb the flavours of its contents.

And since we believe that all our products should be perfectly suitable for use in the modern kitchen, it is also dishwasher safe.

Make the Loveramics Prep+ Porcelain Drizzler 500ml part of your kitchenware collection right away and get to be the envy of your friends as you show off your cooking skills with aplomb. You can even make a few purchases for them, especially if they promise to support your team first.