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Prep+ Porcelain Mixing Bowl Large

Prep+ Porcelain Mixing Bowl Large

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Is there such a thing as excess in terms of size when it comes to cookware? We’ll let you decide. Although it must be said that few culinary experiences are as liberating as creating your favourite dishes or treats for either yourself or an army of friends and knowing there is plenty more from where that came from – all the better for seconds afterwards or for reminiscing on your victory over at Scrabble once you are all on your own.

And that’s where the Loveramics Prep+ Mixing bowl (Large) comes in. Because we too believe in creating unforgettable moments and memories around your favourite dishes and snacks with friends and family.

Part of the Prep+ collection designed to make cooking fun and effective, this large mixing bowl features the modern, eclectic design that is unique to the collection.

It has also been made from our special in house porcelain, covered with real glaze and fired at temperatures exceeding the minimum requirement.As a result, the Loveramics Prep+ Mixing bowl (Large) is scratch and stain resistant and will continue to maintain its smooth glossy appeal even when used frequently.

And because it does not absorb the flavours of its contents you can use it to prepare any of your favourite dishes.Make this amazing kitchen bowl part of your kitchenware collection today and get to treat your friends and family to many delightful moments of fun and sharing.