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For 20% off your first order, we welcome you to use the code WELCOME at checkout.
Loveramics Look Book - Little Perth Profile

Loveramics Look Book - Little Perth Profile

Taking a coffee-break is a multi-sensory experience, and nowhere is this more true than at Little Perth. This floral design studio and coffee shop is one of the South Coast’s most immersive coffee spots.

Little Perth

In a soothing space filled with stunning blooms, delicious bakes and the aroma of fresh coffee; Little Perth offers visitors the chance to sip a brew whilst watching floral designers creating bouquets nearby. Here you can choose your stems, choose your coffee and immerse yourself in the sensory surroundings. At the same time a small team of floral designers will be using your choices to create a stunning arrangement. It’s worth staying and waiting while the process is carried out, not least because the coffee here is so good too!

We caught up with owner Rohanna to find out how Loveramics fit into Little Perth’s clear stylistic vision and how she prefers her coffee.

Tell us about your café. What's the inspiration behind it and how would you describe it?

Little Perth is a floral design studio & speciality coffee shop near the beautiful beaches of Southbourne, Dorset. Our vision is to re-imagine the floral buying experience and redeem it from the awkward and uninspiring experience it has generally become – with amazing coffee, food and service right at the heart of what we do! Customers can sit back and enjoy a range of coffees from North Star Coffee Roasters along with an ever-changing array of guests, all whilst watching our floral designers work their magic!

What prompted you to open your business?

We previously ran Quarters Coffee in Newport, South Wales but have wanted for a long time to bring to fruition our idea of pairing coffee and flowers – our two main passions! The idea was birthed years back whilst returning home to Perth, Western Australia to see family, and we’ve been slowly waiting for the right place at the right time. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to explore the idea further, and we were delighted when we found our gorgeous shop in Southbourne, right round the corner from Rohanna’s twin sister!

We adore coffee, and flowers have been a big part of our life for many years. We’ve always lamented how the floral retail experience in the UK is often intimidating, awkward, and nowhere near as inspiring as it should be for something so beautiful! In a small way we’re wanting to re-inspire people to fill their homes with flowers, and to re-discover the magic of choosing stems and seeing them designed by a floral designer and shaped into something unique and beautiful. Our store is a sensory experience with so much colour and so many wonderful aromas. We’ve enjoyed creating a retail experience like no other!

What’s the most unexpected perk of running your business?

We’ve always loved making peoples’ days by serving them delicious coffees and cakes, but hearing the stories behind where every bouquet is going has been so inspiring. Every day we get to play a small part in special occasions, anniversaries, proposals, funerals, and those ‘just because’ moments! It really is a privilege!

Little Perth

How do you choose your suppliers?

Every supplier is carefully chosen with product-quality and supply-chain sustainability at heart. From our coffee supplier, to the flower farms we work with, we’re just as interested in the people involved at every step of the process as we are the final product that we serve in store.

What's your customers' favourite item?

On the coffee/food side our Brunch Flights are hugely popular – any two mini brunch items and a coffee for a tenner. Why choose one brekkie when you could have two?! On the floral side we offer one design every week – our ‘Florist’s Choice’ bouquet. Our regulars love coming back each week for a fresh design and seeing how the stems and colours change seasonally.

Little Perth

Tell us about how Loveramics fits into your business: And what made you choose your particular colour and shape(s)?

We fell in love with the Rose-coloured cups and saucers in the Egg range as soon as we saw them. They match the limewashed colour scheme in our store perfectly and have become synonymous with our brand in the local area. They’re also great quality (zero breakages in a year!) and the sizes suit our drinks menu perfectly. We wouldn’t choose anything else!

Quick fire Qs:


Coffee or tea? COFFEE
Milk or no milk? NO MILK
Cup or mug? CUP
Rich and complex or bright and fruity? BRIGHT & FRUITY


Vintage or modern? MODERN
Contrasting colours or complementary tones? COMPLEMENTARY TONES
Maximalist or minimalist? MINIMALIST

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