Designed and crafted with an attention to every detail, the classic Bond cups from Loveramics are a twist on the traditional Egg and Tulip Shapes. Designed with the barista in mind, the Bond range gives you a unique way to brew and drink your fine coffee.

With an understated straight sided outer profile which allows you to stack your cups high (a nifty space saving addition for your coffee machine storage) and a continuous curvature of the spherical interior allows the coffee aromas to develop to their fullest. The inner and outer profiles of the cups provide an ultra-thick wall. This thickness not only makes the cups super durable for both commercial and personal use but maintains the temperature of the coffee.

The visually striking angle of the avant-garde handle modifies the cups centre of gravity, giving you balance when pouring your latte art and comfort when drinking.

9 dynamic colours are available for you to mix and match, create a unique visual concept.

The Bond Cappuccino Cups will be used at the brew bar of the World Barista Championship 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

Loveramics designer Simon Stevens explains why the Bond Cups by Loveramics are so unique:

July 18, 2017 — Zaynin Kanji