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Er-go! System 20cm Plate (White)

Er-go! System 20cm Plate (White)

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Er-go! System 20cm Salad Plate White

Salad. A joy to the palate and a source of endless delight to every host, chef and hospitality professional. What other dish comes in so much variety, is really easy to prepare using fresh, seasonal produce, and is guaranteed to taste great? Or looks especially mouth-watering when served on our Er-go! System Salad Plate White

Featuring a contemporary style, this tableware item which is part of the Er-go System and has been brought to you by none other than our head of design Simon Stevens, will make your salads appear irresistible. Created using time tested techniques, this salad plate is suitable for microwave and freezer use. In addition to being able to withstand excessively cold or hot temperatures this plate is also especially resistant to shock, chipping and staining. As a result, it can be used in your dishwasher and will maintain its gleaming appeal even when used often.

We at Loveramics are proud to present you with an item which has been created with all lovers of good food in mind while implementing environmentally responsible measures. Add the Er-go! System Salad Plate to your tableware collection and get to enjoy mouth-watering salads the way they are meant to be.