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Er-go! System Sauce Dish White 10cm

Er-go! System Sauce Dish White 10cm

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Er-go! System 10cm Sauce Dish White

Some things quite simply belong together. Like profiteroles, fresh fruit and a limitless supply of chocolate sauce. And what better to serve it in than a dish which is guaranteed to make all that chocolate appear extra appetizing? Like our Er-go! System 10cm Sauce Dish (White) which is the perfect option for serving any condiment in all its glory.

Part of the Er-go! System collection which is a favourite of hospitality professionals around the world, this delightful dish features the same contemporary design which is the hallmark of the collection.

And because we believe all our items should be as convenient to use as possible, the dish just like all other porcelain items which are part of the collection, is freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

That means you can serve your sauce exactly how you want to and wash up right afterwards. All the better for those frequent refills when it will seem as though its contents have vanished in the speed of light. No wonder hospitality professionals love it so much.Purchase the Er-go! System sauce dish right away and get to make those dreams of endless chocolate and other tasty sauces come true.